AnyEdit is a highly customizable Development Environment for multiple programming languages. It supports a syntax highlighting, tools, powerful search options and much more.

This development envrionment can be used for modifying CS:GO and similar games alike.

Latest Version: AnyEdit 2.0 Beta 3


April 11, 2005 09:09 UTC - Scintilla Patch 1.63

Scintilla released a new version 1.63. So i created a new patch-file, for that release. It's available in the Scintilla Patch section.


April 6, 2005 06:38 UTC - VBScript Syntax File

One of our users was so kind to donate a Syntax File for the VBScript language. It can be found in our Syntax File section. Thanx volkerF.


March 21, 2005 11:26 UTC - New Website

After being struck by a php-worm and other problems we lost our web-site, but today we release the new site. It was time for something new, because we need to have a more professional look, if we want to attract more users. In the last months we didn't miss our cms, so we created a very simple, but still compelling site that perfectly suit our needs. Have fun!